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Shower Base Replacements, Repairs and liner

Shower Base Replacements, Repairs and liners:

Our Acrylic Shower base Liner- No Tiles Removed Shower Base Repair Method:

We can repair or replace your cracked, chipped, damaged or unsightly shower base without removing tiles.

An affordable option which does not require any tiles removed, and is ready for use within 24 hours.

The perfect solution when you do not want to retile, or update the remainder of the bathroom.

How It Works

Put simply, The Shower Man places an acrylic shower base liner over your existing shower base. The liner is custom made and moulded to fit your shower base, wrapping completely over the existing shower base.

Your new liner is fitted to the existing shower base using a two-part expanding polyurethane. This allows us to backfill any voids and reinforce beneath the shower base. If required depending on the application we may also install a metal reinforcement plate over the existing shower base.

No dangerous chemicals or toxic fumes are used during the process ensuring your family’s safety.

Once the liner has been installed we seal it to the wall tiles and the shower is ready for use as soon as the silicone has cured.

We can do this for all types of shower bases including concrete, polymarble, fibreglass or acrylic.

We seamlessly integrate your new shower base liner into your existing shower base so that you can retain its original character without sacrificing a fresh, clean look free of unsightly cracks and chips.

The acrylic liner is manufactured here in Melbourne to the highest standards and is finished in a gloss acrylic surface that is easy to clean and completely non-slip. We can manufacture the shower base liner in your choice of colour- white or ivory.

Using this method, we do not need to reconfigure or make any changes to the plumbing, and more importantly, no tiles need to be removed!

This means practically no downtime, meaning you can get your shower back use in no time.

Our shower base liners are easy to clean, and provide your shower with a whole new modern fresh finish.

Shower Base liners Faqs:

A: The shower base liner insert is made from 6mm acrylic
A: We use an expanding polyurethane product designed specifically for this application.
A: Each shower base is completely custom made, made to measure from your existing shower base measurements here in Melbourne so that it wraps over the existing shower base perfectly.
A: We provide a 10 Year product warranty on our acrylic shower base liners for domestic use in owner occupied homes, and a 5 year product warranty for tenanted properties. Having said that you can expect your shower base liner to provide you with many years of use, exceeding the warranty period.
A: Our shower base liners are installed in 1 visit, and only take approx 4.5 hours to install. The shower is ready for use the next day.
A: We do need to attend once prior to the installation date to take the measurements as these need to be taken approx 1-2 weeks prior to the installation to allow us enough time to custom manufacture the new shower base.
This visit will only take around 5-10 minutes.
A: We generally require 2-3 weeks notice as we are heavily booked throughout the year. The more notice you can provide the more likely we can offer you your desired installation date. We do offer a VIP service where clients can “jump the queue” for certain services
A: We can re-install your shower screen as long as it complies with current safety standards.
A: Of course we can, we can supply and install a brand new shower screen. We have a plethora of options available, however our most popular are our semi frameless and sliding shower screens. We also offer fully frameless shower screens. We also take away your old shower screen so you don’t have to lift a finger.