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Our Story

The Shower Man Melbourne was founded in 2010 by husband and wife team Amanda and Erol. 

Before launching The Shower Man Melbourne, Erol had begun working as a floor and wall tiler at age 16. He went on to work for architectural builders and waterproofing industry leaders, where he gained the experience and education behind waterproofing systems and floor and wall tiling best practices. 

With his time working with waterproofing industry experts, Erol learnt how complex proper waterproofing application and correct technique was; he realised that every tiler he had ever worked alongside was applying waterproofing systems completely wrong.

When learning to apply compliant professional waterproofing- Erol had to un-learn the waterproofing application techniques he had previously been taught by tilers during his apprenticeship and learn the correct product applications and processes.

New home after new home was under construction. Melbourne was experiencing a major significant housing boom.  

As a result of the housing boom, showers were not appropriately waterproofed, and corners were being cut. 

Melbourne was experiencing a leaking shower epidemic. 

Erol soon learned that the shower repair industry was rife with dodgy operators who had no interest in providing clients with compliant waterproofing and permanent shower repair solutions.

He realised quickly that the operators had little to no product knowledge, were offering non-compliant repairs, and waterproofing bathrooms with application techniques that provided no waterproof barrier whatsoever.

Whilst Erol was discouraged by seeing the shoddy work performed by others in the industry; he saw this as an opportunity to provide homeowners with something different.

Erol knew he had to help homeowners make informed decisions and educate them about their bathrooms. 

There was a gap in the market for genuine service and quality workmanship, something Erol knew he could provide well with the backing of an honest warranty. 

He leapt out of his comfort zone and launched the business. Meanwhile, Amanda worked behind the scenes on the phones and admin while Erol was out on the tools. 

What started as Amanda helping Erol quote on a simple job evolved in Amanda having to re-educate herself in the man’s world of Australian Standards for Waterproofing, regulations, building code regs, floor and tiling techniques, and best practices practise models.  

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Amanda brings a female perspective to the company. She is responsible for introducing all of the technology that has been implemented throughout to provide our staff and clients with the absolute best customer/staff experience. 

She has a passion for exceeding client expectations and striving out of this world customer experiences that are only possible with the highest quality equipment, training, technology, and a tight-knit team that is more of a family than staff. 

As the business grew, with repeat business from a loyal customer base and word of mouth referrals, there was soon too much work for Amanda and Erol. They quickly had to employ a team of tradesmen and office staff to keep up with the demand for quality shower and bathroom repairs.

Amanda remained in the sales department until recently and has now found a home in the office overseeing the day to day operations of the business. 

Erol is now running operations and has an active role in the day to day runnings of the team, supervising our quality and occasionally jumping on the tools as needed. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to truly deliver what we refer to as “The Shower Man customer experience” to our clients. 

We believe that our customer experience, high calibre quality, and genuine care for our clients and team are what sets us apart.

We have an opportunity to make a difference and provide homeowners with genuine service and quality that is becoming a rarity these days. 

We are privileged to be the operator of choice for many, and we welcome the responsibility that comes with that.

We hope to grow our company to ensure that as many homeowners can receive our service to provide them with a solid investment that will serve them well for years to come.

We spend a lot of time handpicking our team to ensure we get the right person to fit in with our team. 

We have trialled many staff have had the skill, but unfortunately not the right attitude to fit into our team.

Our team are like our family, and we ensure that each staff member shares our vision and values. 

As a team, we work together to support each other to get the job done. 

The team are the type that will spend the extra time completing a task to ensure that it will run smoothly for the next team member that has to go in after them. 

We are a company that values our team as people, and we understand that everyone has family and responsibilities outside work. 

We appreciate our team and endeavour to provide an adequate work/life balance to support their wellbeing. 

Our team and management work together to make everyone’s lives and jobs easier.

Our expertise:

Our team is fully qualified in their trades and holds the relevant licenses where required.

  • Our plumbers are experienced, licensed and registered.
  • Our tilers are qualified with a minimum of ten years of professional tiling experience outside of apprenticeships.
  • Our waterproofers are fully qualified and have a minimum of 5 years of professional experience outside of apprenticeships.
  • We only use licensed electrical contractors for any electrical work.
  • We utilise licensed asbestos removal professionals for confirmed asbestos material or areas more than 10m2 in size.
  • All team members have completed accredited training course CPCCDE3014A: “Remove Non -Friable Asbestos (Class B) and equipped and trained to safely remove and dispose of small amounts of asbestos if we come across it unexpectedly.