Urbino Handshower On Rail Chrome


Features and Benefits

  • Shower Rail manufactured from DR Brass
  • Handshower HandPiece manufactured from ABS
  • Shower Hose manufactured from PVC
  • 3 Function Spray handpiece
  • WELS 3 Star 8L/Min
  • 10 Year Product Replacement Warranty

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Introducing the Urbino Handshower On Rail Chrome, crafted with the finest materials for a luxe and water-efficient showering experience.

Our Urbino Handshower system is constructed with premium materials, providing exceptional durability and performance. The shower rail is crafted from DR Brass, a top-quality material that is highly corrosion-resistant, ensuring that your shower rail remains in excellent condition for many years. The hand shower handpiece is made from ABS, a lightweight and robust plastic that is easy to handle and maintain, delivering convenience and longevity. The shower hose is composed of PVC, a flexible and sturdy material that can withstand high water pressure, ensuring a steady and reliable water flow during your shower.

Our three-function spray handpiece is designed to offer ultimate water flow and pressure versatility. With a selection of settings, including a gentle rain-like shower, a powerful massage spray, and other options, you can tailor your shower experience to suit your preferences with the Urbino Handshower On Rail Chrome.

The Urbino Handshower On Rail Chrome has a WELS 3 Star 8L/Min rating, indicating that it is highly water-efficient and can help you save on your water bills without compromising the quality of your shower experience. You can enjoy a refreshing and satisfying shower while knowing you are contributing to a sustainable future and saving money.

We take great pride in our shower system and stand behind its quality, so we offer a ten-year product replacement warranty. We are confident that our product is built to last, and we are committed to ensuring that you are satisfied and content with your purchase.

Upgrade your shower experience with our new Urbino Handshower On Rail Chrome and enjoy its superior materials, versatile handpiece, water efficiency and a ten-year warranty. Our shower system is the perfect addition to any bathroom, providing the premium showering experience you deserve.


Contact us for Complete Bathroom Renovations or Shower Leak Repairs & Resealing.