Re-tile and Waterproof Shower Recess Walls Package2022-01-20T12:59:26+00:00

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To begin, we carefully remove the shower screen and wall tiles.

As the tiles are adhered to the wall lining it is not possible to pry the tiles from the wall lining, instead we remove the wall lining and tiles using a precision tool to cut out the wall tiles and lining to provide a neat finish so that you will not need to worry about damage to areas outside the shower.

If necessary, we treat any rotten framing timber in the wall cavity by either replacing or reinforcing with new timber framing before installing fresh new wall linings, using either plasterboard or sheeting- the product used is dependent on the product that has been used to the remainder of the bathroom to ensure consistency in wall finishes.

The Shower is Leaking, The Wall is Seeping? call the shower man

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The Shower is Leaking, The Wall is Seeping? call the shower man

1300 287 188

Once the new wall lining has been installed, we prime the area and fill any penetrations or joins in the sheeting with fast cure polyurethane.

The first coat of our 2 step waterproofing system is then applied, followed by a second application once the first application has cured.

Next we install the tiles to the shower recess walls, followed by the grout.


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The Bathroom needs re-tiling? call the shower man

1300 287 188

Caulking is the silicone product used to fill the vertical junctions where the tiles meet, and the horizontal junctions where the wall tiles meet the shower base.

New plumbing fittings are installed if you have opted to upgrade fittings, or any existing tap covers and shower heads are re-installed.

To finish, we install a new shower screen.