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Shower Rebuilds Tarneit

The Shower Man Melbourne is here to help with all your bathroom and shower rebuild services in Tarneit. Our team of experts is skilled in bathroom renovation and repair of all shapes and sizes. If you’re experiencing any issues with your bathroom:

  • Water damage to plaster or swelling of architraves or skirting boards
  • Floor or wall tiles cracking or lifting and flooring warping
  • Grout or silicone issues
  • Mushrooms and ants
  • Leaking showers
  • Shower base mortar bed insufficient
  • The shower recess wall tiling is not entirely flush with the shower base
  • The bottom row of wall tiles or portion of floor tiles not serving as a shower base
  • The shower grate was not installed correctly
  • The shower base lacks a minimum fall of 1:100 to the waste outlet
  • The shower is not fitted with a water stop
  • No screed bed under shower base tiles to support tiles and create fall
  • The shower screen is not installed on the inside of the hob
  • Splits not wide enough to support grout in place
  • Shower base tiles not laid before wall tiles
  • Old grout is removed using specialised equipment.

The Shower Man Melbourne offers a range of services to help fix these issues and more:

  • Leaking shower repairs and re-sealed professionally
  • Shower re-grouting and epoxy service
  • Shower base replacements and repairs
  • Re-tile and waterproof shower recess walls package
  • Full bathroom renovations
  • Bathroom re-tile renovation option

Don’t let bathroom issues ruin your home’s value or daily routine. Trust The Shower Man Melbourne experienced professionals to restore your bathroom with all our shower rebuild services in Tarneit. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your service.

shower rebuild services in Tarneit - finished project

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