Does insurance cover a leaking shower

Does insurance cover a leaking shower, leaking
bathroom or cracked or broken shower base?

It will depend on your individual policy and circumstances.

In our experience, sometimes if a leak is caused by a plumbing leak in a pipe, insurance may cover this, but it will depend on the policy and individual circumstances.

Generally insurance will not cover leaking showers caused by faulty, poor or non compliant workmanship, or where waterproofing has failed.

Waterproofing will generally only fail if the shower has not been installed to comply with NCC or AS-3740-2010 requirements or if the shower has been poorly maintained.

Some clients have informed us that their insurer has covered costs associated with replacing or repairing shower bases that have cracked or broken due to accidental damage, however this would depend on the individual circumstances and your policy.

This highlights the importance of ensuring that your shower is installed by a professional installer consisting of professional tilers, waterproofers and plumbers working in conjunction with one another to ensure that the shower complies with regulations every step of the way. You must be able to demonstrate that the shower has been installed to comply with the NCC (National Construction Code 2019 and AS-3740-2010 Waterproofing of Domestic Wet Areas.

The importance of the entire team working together to prepare the area for the next trade to allow them to carry out their work to comply is paramount.

When having subcontractors or independent tradespeople working on a single project without responsibility for the overall outcome, you can expect failures as each trade is only responsible for their own work, you absolutely

want the peace of mind of a single shower repair specialist company providing warranty for the entire project.