We offer a number of options to repair your leaking shower. We have many options to select from to suit your needs.

We remove all existing grout from either the entire shower recess or in some cases only the shower base or walls.

We can replace your tiled or polymarble/fibreglass shower base with a new functional and stylish tiled shower base.

Is your shower looking tired and in need of a makeover? Do you have signs of leakage such as missing or mouldy grout?

Do you need a professional bathroom renovator to come in and repair a bathroom that is failing after a shoddy bathroom renovation?

If you want to retain some elements and items in your existing bathroom to give your bathroom a modern sleek look without the expense of a full renovation.


Melbourne Bathroom Renovations & Shower Repairs – Fix your leaking shower permanently.

At The Shower Man Melbourne, we are experienced and qualified professionals that pride ourselves in high-quality, efficient shower and bathroom solutions for our clients. We back our work with a 10-year warranty, and of course, our "problem solved, or it's free" guarantee, so there is no risk to you.

Bathroom Renovations, Leaking Shower Repairs – Waterproofing, Sealing, & Shower Base Replacements

Do you appreciate the value of working with a team of professionals, that are experts in what they do?

We come in and work painstakingly to bring your vision to life without disruption to your home, life or valuable time?

We assure you that your bathroom renovation project will run smoothly and efficiently.

Our team and clients believe we are Melbourne's best bathroom renovation professionals.

We remove the stress, hassle and problems associated with renovating away from our clients with our bathroom repairs and renovations. Our clients can enjoy the process and only deal with the exciting aspects such as selecting bathroom fittings, fixtures and colour schemes.

Whether you need professional shower repairs or shower waterproofing, or a complete bathroom renovation, contact the knowledgeable team at The Shower Man Melbourne today.

Our No Risk

Gutsy 10 Point  Shower Man Melbourne Guarantees

Our “PROBLEM SOLVED” Guarantee:

We solve your problem, or it's FREE!

Our “FIXED PRICE” Guarantee:

We will provide you with a fixed price quote to complete the job scope no matter what unforeseen circumstances we come up against in your shower or bathroom.

Our “10-Year” Guarantee

We provide a ten-year warranty on our work; we only take on jobs where we have confidence in offering you a ten-year warranty. If we know it won't stand the test of time, we will provide you with a solution that will.


We will fix your leaking shower permanently, backed with our ten year warranty


We perform a quality inspection at each phase of the job before progressing to the next stage. We use our comprehensive quality checklists to ensure the quality of the work meets the National Construction Code (NCC), Australian Standards (AS-3740-2010 Waterproofing of Domestic Wet Areas) and, of course, our stringent guarantees.


We will always provide you with a solution with the very best intentions to make sure that the solution we offer is in your best interests. If you are 98, we will not upsell you with a bathroom renovation you may not have time to enjoy.

Our “SHOW UP” Guarantee:

Our team will show up and do the job when we say we will. We will not show our faces and then disappear, or leave you weeks on end without a bathroom. We get in and we get the job done, without any messing about.


If you have tried the rest, after you try us, you will know that we are the best in the industry!

Our “ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU” guarantee:

We will come out if there is ever a problem, and you will always know where to find us. We have a physical location where you can visit us should you ever need anything. We have our office team available to help with any questions available 5 days a week

Our “WORK CLEAN” Guarantee:

We will always work clean in your home; this means cleaning up at the end of each visit, vacuuming and wiping surfaces, leaving your home in the condition we found it. You will never need to clean up after us, your home is not a jobsite.

Bathroom Renovations, bathroom tiling or Bathroom Waterproofing Bathrooms – we have the solution for you!

If you have been researching bathroom tiling and renovation solutions, bathroom waterproofing, or general bathroom or shower repairs in Melbourne, you have come to the right place.
We are a "one-stop" shop for all of your bathroom repair and renovation needs.

Our experienced in-home consultant will carry out a no-obligation in-home consultation to assess the bathroom or shower and any leakage.
A scope will be proposed that will take into account your circumstances, your bathroom's renovation requirements and your wishes for the bathroom repairs.
Not only can we provide you with the bathroom you had hoped for, but we can take all the stress and hassle out of the equation so that can relax knowing that you are in safe hands.

We will always leave your home clean and tidy, with your shower will be generally ready for use 24 hours after handover.
Please note that there will be a 72 hour wait after handover if epoxy grout is used on your shower.

We have solutions available if you have a leaking shower that needs sealing or a complete bathroom renovation with bathroom waterproofing.

If you need to repair a cracked shower base or replace a shower base that has seen better days, we are available to help.

Call us today for your free assessment and quote for your bathroom and shower waterproofing repair and renovation needs.