How much does a bathroom renovation cost in Melbourne?

How much does a bathroom renovation cost in Melbourne?

The average cost of a bathroom renovation in Australia is around $19,500, and the price has increased year-on-year, according to a recent HIA survey of builders.

The HIA’s Kitchens and Bathrooms Report 2018/19 found that most people tend to spend between $16,000 and $20,000 on the job – that includes everything from tradies’ fees to tiles and fittings.

It turns out the total cost of renovating a bathroom can be quite different in the various states and territories, as shown below in order of lowest to highest average cost in 2018:

Tasmania: $15,167

Western Australia: $17,769

South Australia: $18,557

Victoria: $19,036

Queensland: $20,190

New South Wales: $20,933

Northern Territory: $22,500

Australian Capital Territory: $23,000

We can provide options so that you do not have to renovate your entire bathroom.

We can simply re-tile and retain fittings, we can renovate only some sections of the bathroom or we work with you to create a renovation that will fit within your budget.

Is your shower the only problem area? We can renovate your shower and leave the
Remainder of your bathroom intact too! We can fix that leaking shower without the need for a whole bathroom renovation.

Does insurance cover a leaking shower

Does insurance cover a leaking shower, leaking
bathroom or cracked or broken shower base?

It will depend on your individual policy and circumstances.

In our experience, sometimes if a leak is caused by a plumbing leak in a pipe, insurance may cover this, but it will depend on the policy and individual circumstances.

Generally insurance will not cover leaking showers caused by faulty, poor or non compliant workmanship, or where waterproofing has failed.

Waterproofing will generally only fail if the shower has not been installed to comply with NCC or AS-3740-2010 requirements or if the shower has been poorly maintained.

Some clients have informed us that their insurer has covered costs associated with replacing or repairing shower bases that have cracked or broken due to accidental damage, however this would depend on the individual circumstances and your policy.

This highlights the importance of ensuring that your shower is installed by a professional installer consisting of professional tilers, waterproofers and plumbers working in conjunction with one another to ensure that the shower complies with regulations every step of the way. You must be able to demonstrate that the shower has been installed to comply with the NCC (National Construction Code 2019 and AS-3740-2010 Waterproofing of Domestic Wet Areas.

The importance of the entire team working together to prepare the area for the next trade to allow them to carry out their work to comply is paramount.

When having subcontractors or independent tradespeople working on a single project without responsibility for the overall outcome, you can expect failures as each trade is only responsible for their own work, you absolutely

want the peace of mind of a single shower repair specialist company providing warranty for the entire project.

Bathroom Makeover Inspirations

Amazing Bathroom Transformation

As many of you involved with home renovation will know, re-fitting and doing work on your bathroom is no easy task. With a myriad of shower and bath designs, tap fittings, paint colours, types of tiles and vanity surfaces to choose between, and that’s not all of them.

If you are planning out renovations on your bathroom, or simply just looking for inspiration for a future project, take a look at this amazing small bathroom transformation here.

They used a striking colour combination of black, white, lavender and lime green to create a bold and modern look, as well as utilizing existing natural light sources to brighten up the small space. The different style of tiling used on the walls and floors are a stylish twist, and the lavender colored wallpaint adds an extra dimension of freshness to the room.

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Bathroom Makeover Inspiration – 26 October

Beautiful Bathroom Renovation

This beautiful bathroom renovation was done on a 1967 ranch style house, and has that stunning simplicity.  Black and white tiles are used in combination with white wooden walls, and creative floor tiles.  Old meets new here, with the classic elegance of the floor tiling and chandeliers and fittings, combined with the sleek white vanity, and bath set in ultra-modern black tiles.  Small touches like the dramatic black faucet and taps on the white bathroom wall make this bathroom a unique blend of vintage and contemporary design.

Click here to see this amazing transformation.

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Bathroom Makeover Inspiration – 2 November

Bathroom Makeover Inspiration

This bathroom renovation project uses a clever combination of brightly coloured paints, simple white tiles and natural light that gives it a new life.  The uplifting yellow and white painted stripes on the walls give a sharp contrast to the white tiles around the bath and shower, and elongate the walls surrounding the shower/bath area, creating the feeling of height and space.

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Bathroom Makeover Inspiration – 9 November

Amazing Bathroom Makeover Inspiration

This bathroom looks like a whole new space – modern and stylish, but still homely and inviting.  Previously, the bathroom had a lot of white, which has been replaced with marble tiling and a custom-built vanity stained in a blue-grey scheme.  Renovating a small bathroom does not have to include replacing everything with brand new fittings either – this bathroom re-uses the same mirror, but with a newly-added frame to add statement and impact.  They used modern tiling throughout the floors and shower walls to create even more of a bold effect, and this really revitalised the old bathroom into something contemporary and striking.
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DIY Bathroom Renovation Disaster – 31st October

DIY Bathroom Renovation Disaster –  Saving Small Money Cost More

Here at The Shower Man Melbourne, time and time again we are called out to fix leaking showers after customers have tried to save a little bit of money by undertaking their bathroom renovations themselves.

Unfortunately, bathrooms are the one place in your home that you should not attempt to renovate yourself.

We recently were called out to a home in Melbourne, where the owner was quite handy, but lacked the knowledge that can only come with the experience and qualifications that only a professional bathroom renovator or builder can know.

The owner had renovated his bathroom, and on the surface it appeared that he had done a good job- everything looked good, but it wasn’t until 6 months after he had renovated that he begun having problems. A huge amount of water was leaking from his shower and rotting the floors under the house- when renovating the bathroom, the owner had not applied any waterproof membrane, hence causing severe water damage beneath the shower and bathroom floor.

We went in, removed the shower base and floor tiling, replaced the timber flooring to the shower and bathroom, then re-built a shower base and re-tiled the floor and of course applied a sufficient amount of membrane so that his bathroom would be watertight for years to come. We applied an epoxy seal, so that he could have the piece of mind knowing that his shower won’t be leaking again!

If only we had have been called in from the beginning to renovate the bathroom for him, he would have saved a lot of money if it was renovated properly from the start…

Remember, call us before you even think about doing any DIY work in your bathroom- I think it’s well worth it!

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