DIY Bathroom Renovation Disaster – 31st October

DIY Bathroom Renovation Disaster –  Saving Small Money Cost More

Here at The Shower Man Melbourne, time and time again we are called out to fix leaking showers after customers have tried to save a little bit of money by undertaking their bathroom renovations themselves.

Unfortunately, bathrooms are the one place in your home that you should not attempt to renovate yourself.

We recently were called out to a home in Melbourne, where the owner was quite handy, but lacked the knowledge that can only come with the experience and qualifications that only a professional bathroom renovator or builder can know.

The owner had renovated his bathroom, and on the surface it appeared that he had done a good job- everything looked good, but it wasn’t until 6 months after he had renovated that he begun having problems. A huge amount of water was leaking from his shower and rotting the floors under the house- when renovating the bathroom, the owner had not applied any waterproof membrane, hence causing severe water damage beneath the shower and bathroom floor.

We went in, removed the shower base and floor tiling, replaced the timber flooring to the shower and bathroom, then re-built a shower base and re-tiled the floor and of course applied a sufficient amount of membrane so that his bathroom would be watertight for years to come. We applied an epoxy seal, so that he could have the piece of mind knowing that his shower won’t be leaking again!

If only we had have been called in from the beginning to renovate the bathroom for him, he would have saved a lot of money if it was renovated properly from the start…

Remember, call us before you even think about doing any DIY work in your bathroom- I think it’s well worth it!

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