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Our No Risk

Shower Man Melbourne 10 POINT Guarantee

Our “PROBLEM SOLVED” Guarantee:

We solve your problem, or it’s FREE!

Our “FIXED PRICE” Guarantee:

We will provide you with a fixed price quote to complete the job scope no matter what unforeseen circumstances we come up against in your shower or bathroom.


We will fix your leaking shower permanently, backed with our ten year warranty

Our “10-Year” Guarantee

We provide a ten-year warranty on our work; we only take on jobs where we have confidence in offering you a ten-year warranty. If we know it won’t stand the test of time, we will provide you with a solution that will.

Our “WORK CLEAN” Guarantee:

We will always work clean in your home; this means cleaning up at the end of each visit, vacuuming and wiping surfaces, leaving your home in the condition we found it. You will never need to clean up after us, your home is not a jobsite.


We will always provide you with a solution with the very best intentions to make sure that the solution we offer is in your best interests. If you are 98, we will not upsell you with a bathroom renovation you may not have time to enjoy.

Our “ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU” guarantee:

We will come out if there is ever a problem, and you will always know where to find us. We have a physical location where you can visit us should you ever need anything. We have our office team available to help with any questions available 5 days a week

Our “SHOW UP” Guarantee:

Our team will show up and do the job when we say we will. We will not show our faces and then disappear, or leave you weeks on end without a bathroom. We get in and we get the job done, without any messing about.