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Replace Polymarble Shower Base with Tiled Base

Do you love the modern look that a tiled shower base can give you?

We can replace your existing poly-marble, fibreglass, or acrylic shower base with a brand new tiled shower base.

Did you know?

You may not realise, but your existing polymarble, fibreglass or acrylic or “plastic” shower base is actually checked into your wall studs. When originally installed, your polymarble shower base would have been installed before there was any plaster or tiles on the walls in your bathroom.  The polymarble shower base is installed hard against your timber wall stud frame, and then the plaster is installed, waterproofed and tiled, locking your shower base into position.

The only way to physically remove your existing polymarble shower base is to remove your wall tiles and plaster behind the wall tiles, and then your shower base can be removed and disposed of.

How do we replace polymarble shower base with tiled base?

To replace your polymarble shower base with a tiled base, we must replace all plaster and wall tiles inside the shower recess after we have removed your existing shower base, as we must provide a compliant waterproof membrane barrier to ensure that your waterproofing is applied as per AS-3740-2010 Waterproofing regulations and will provide you with a quality, compliant end result. Never let any contractor tell you that they will remove only the bottom row or two to replace your shower base. If you do that, not only is your waterproofing noncompliant with current waterproofing standards, but your shower is almost guaranteed to leak in the future.

The Process:

Day 1:

To begin the process to replace your polymarble shower base with a tiled base, we begin by removing and disposing of your shower screen, shower recess wall tiles and the wall lining (plaster/sheeting behind your wall tiles in your shower. Once the wall lining has been removed, we can then access and remove your existing polymarble/acrylic shower base.

Day 2:

We remove and replace any water damaged timber flooring from beneath your shower base if required, and also install new underlay to the shower base area. We install a new wall lining to your shower recess. Next we install a Hebel aerated concrete hob which creates the surround for your new shower base. A new trap and puddle flange is installed along with a metal shower grate.

Days 2 and 3:

Once we have installed your shower base hob and the new sheeting to your shower recess walls, we apply polyurethane and a waterproof membrane barrier in accordance with AS-3740-2010 waterproofing regulations. This is a 2 day process.

Day 4:

Once the waterproofing has cured, we screed the shower base.

The screed is a sand and cement mix which allows us to create the fall to the shower waste (drain) to allow for the water to be directed in the correct direction to the waste. The screed also acts as a solid bed for the shower base floor tiles to be bedded onto to ensure that tiles do not crack and have a solid foundation once laid.

Day 5:

We install floor tiles to your shower base and hob the day following the screeding.

Wall tiles cannot be laid on the same day as the shower base tile adhesive must cure before wall tiles are laid to ensure that the weight of the wall tiles do not cause any shower base tiles to move or lift. This is crucial.

Day 6:

We install your new wall tiles to your shower recess.

Day 7:

The following morning your shower recess wall tiles will be grouted.

Day 8:

Your new shower screen and caulking (silicone) is installed on the final day of the job.

We also re-fit taps and shower heads during this visit, ready for you to recommence use of the shower 24 hours later.

How long does it take to  replace polymarble shower base with tiled base?

For this service, you would need to allow 8-10 days from start to finish as its important that adequate curing times for waterproofing, adhesives, grouts and sealants are adhered to ensure your replace polymarble shower base with tiled shower base is completed to the highest possible quality standard.