The initial assessment and consultation:

For each site visit, you will receive an SMS message notifying you when we are leaving the site visit prior to yours, and you will be able to track our arrival on a live tracking map so that
you know exactly when to expect us.

During the visit, we will carry out an inspection of the shower and determine the scope of work required to rectify the issues. For bathroom renovations, we will take all measurements and get an understanding of the brief to determine the scope to provide you with the bathroom transformation of your dreams.

Within 48 hours of the site visit, we will send out the recommended scope of work to you via email along with a quote to have us provide you with a full turnkey package to complete the

For all of our turnkey renovation packages, we provide all fittings, fixtures, materials and labour. When we hand the project over, the bathroom is complete and ready for you to enjoy.
You will never have to project manage or worry about any aspect of the project as we take all of the stress and hassle out of the repairs for you.

Want to know what it feels like to work with The Shower Man Melbourne?

These are our “house rules” that we live by:

We understand that you are busy; however, if you can spare a few minutes to have a quick read, you will get a feel for what we are all about;


● We always send you a message notifying you of our arrival when leaving the location prior to your site so that you know when to expect us.
● When driving, we always follow the road rules and drive politely and show courtesy to others.
● We keep our vehicles maintained and clean-you, will not be inconvenienced by breakdowns, and our vehicles will never leak oil in your driveway
● We only use designated pathways or driveways to approach your home; we will not walk across lawns or gardens.
● We install floor protection before entering your home wearing workboots and install floor protection to all walkways to the bathroom to protect your home.
● We wear our uniform with pride, so you can easily identify us, and we introduce ourselves to you and explain what we will be doing for the day.
● We discuss access with you and will offer a key safe and explain how to use it if you are unable to be home to provide access daily.
● We will never litter or smoke on your property, and we will never disrespect your home in any way.
● We will speak respectfully at all times and will never use offensive language.
● We will not wash out buckets/glue or any work tools in your sinks or inside the home.
● If any tools are cleaned using the outdoor garden tap, a bucket will be placed underneath to ensure there is no contamination left behind, and we will dispose of any slurry etc at our warehouse. Your drains will never become blocked as a result of having us onsite.
● We will never leave any job waste or debris behind in the driveway, lawn or street.
● We will always pack waste items straight into our purpose-built vehicles to ensure your safety and the safety of others and to ensure a clean workspace. You will never see our waste left on your property.
● We vacuum and wipe over the areas worked on to ensure the areas we have disturbed are clean and that there is no mess left.
● We will leave the work areas cleaner than how we found them.
● We would never snoop around your home or help ourselves to your things under any circumstances.
● We will not make or accept personal phone calls in your home.
● We will keep you informed; at the end of each visit, we explain the work we have done and what will happen during the next visit. We will send you an update via email or SMS if you are not home.
● We will always be contactable.
● We will have a positive “can do” attitude and take pride in everything we do. You will never have to deal with a grumpy tradesperson.
● We want to make you the happiest homeowner to have ever had bathroom work carried out.
● We will make sure you remember us as the best tradespeople you have ever had in your home.